At Jenna Brown Law, we’ve built a team with the goal of helping you and your family through the toughest times that you will ever face.  Our unique team is made up of lawyers, trial consultants, and behavioral practitioners.

It all starts with your phone call to us 1-405-822-5058 or an email to


After you contact us about your situation, we will conduct a case assessment to determine if we are the right law firm for you. 

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Over 7,000 criminal cases handled 

A 93% win rate at bench and jury trials 

17 Years of Criminal Law Experience

Admitted to Practice Law in the Western Federal District Court

Admitted to the Oklahoma Bar Association 2002

Member of the Canadian County Bar Association 2013

2015 Prosecutor of the Year for the State of Oklahoma

Member of the Orange County Florida Bar Association 2005-2008

Admitted to Florida Bar Association 2005

 Jenna Brown is a Very Experienced Attorney

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